Hails & Fails – June 14th 2024

All eyes were on Manifesto launches this week, but it’s not just politicians who have visions for the future; with these brands using creativity to make change.

Kellogg’s made history, Asics disrupted social media with an alternative weight loss message and British Heart Foundation stopped us in our tracks with a headline. While Ryanair casually sent holidaymakers to the wrong destination!


Special for a reason

Cereal brand Kellogg’s Special K created the world’s first cereal box to feature a pregnant woman on the front.

Best-selling cookbook author Molly Baz had made headlines for appearing on a Times Square billboard for breastfeeding start up Swehl. But the advert was controversially pulled three days later for being “too racy”.

Thinking very much outside the box, the quick-thinking partnership aims to empower expectant mothers across the country, not shame them.

Corey Kitchener – Corpsumer Director: “A fantastic example of taking newsjacking across channel – and righting the wrongs of a previous marketing activation.”

Special for a reason

Losing a different kind of weight with Asics

Online searches for “weight loss exercises” increased by a scary 552% last year, but research shows that this focus on exercise as a tool for losing pounds is impacting our mental wellbeing and actually putting us off exercise altogether.

So, armed with this brilliant insight, Sportswear brand Asics created #15MINUTEWEIGHTLOSS to hijack “weight loss exercise” SEO searches and direct people to fitness videos that help them lose the weight… off their minds!

Jess Redfearn – Midweight Creative: “Lose the weight off your mind – what a powerful idea. A superb example of problem-solution creative thinking and the execution has clearly been carefully considered to successfully disrupt the target audience in their day to day.”

Losing a different kind of weight with Asics

British Heart Foundation score ahead of Euros

The British Heart Foundation unveiled a powerful series of murals commemorating young football fans who have died from heart disease – highlighting the need for heart research funding.

Unveiled ahead of the Euros starting this week, the twelve murals signify the twelve young lives lost to sudden cardiac death every single week in the UK.

Featuring short biographies under the hand-painted portraits, the art aims to raise awareness that heart disease can affect anyone at any age.

Thomas Owen – Chief Reporter: “A powerful campaign from British Heart Foundation, this is a great way to spread an incredibly important message whilst also taking advantage of the nation’s Euros fever.”

British Heart Foundation score ahead of Euros


Unbelievable airport mistake

A couple travelling to Barcelona ended up in a small Lithuanian city when budget airline Ryanair boarded them on the wrong flight!

After travelling 1,500 miles, Andrew Gore and his wife Victoria looked out of their plane window to a country that looked nothing like Spain!

The couple insist their boarding passes were checked several times before they were ushered on board, but Ryanair isn’t taking responsibility, simply saying, “Our crews make several announcements before departure informing passengers of the flight destination”.

Pia Leferink – Director of Influence Division: “Two thoughts: 1. What are the chances that their seats were empty? 2. What does this fiasco say about airport & airline safety? In 2024. RyanAir presents you with a foolproof plan to lose the trust of your customers. Not a good look at all. Big fail!”

Unbelievable airport mistake

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