Hails & Fails – June 28th 2024

While Gareth Southgate fails to inspire any hope in England football fans and the country’s politicians fail to inspire hope in, well, any of us, these three brands have succeeded! Creativity to the rescue!

Ikea brought the sunshine to Sweden with an installation, Snickers crashed a wedding in the best way possible and KFC got political. While The University of Reading was fooled – a bit like England thinking it was coming home.


Ikea brings the heat

Furniture brand IKEA installed a giant version of their NISSEDAL mirror in Stockholm to bring sunshine to Sweden, ensuring outdoor furniture doesn’t sit empty this summer.

With the mirror’s angle automatically adjusting to the sun’s position via a GPS motor, it reflects natural sunlight onto outdoor seating areas in the capital.

Can we have one, please?

Daisy Bradbury – Account Manager: “IKEA’s latest stunt is a playful yet impressively simple way to get their product in front of the masses and shed some light on Stockholm’s naturally shaded areas. It looks like Sweden is craving the sunshine just as much as we are!”

Ikea brings the heat

I do, want to watch the football

7,311 weddings in England will clash with significant Euros matches this summer, with 29% of football fans revealing that they were planning excuses to miss a wedding rather than miss a match!

So chocolate brand Snickers launched an “Own Goal Wedding Competition” to give one couple a special football screening of the England – Denmark match on their big day; with even a surprise video message from player Bukayo Saka!

Isobel Wragg – Account Executive: “This campaign cleverly tackles a real problem for football fans, turning wedding woes into wow moments! By blending love and football, Snickers has created the perfect recipe for brand buzz and happy memories!”

I do, want to watch the football

KFC spice up the General Election

KFC’s latest campaign reminds us what we can believe in ahead of the general election: the quality of their chicken.

As well as clever cryptic billboards and digital posters, ad vans were spotted driving through Westminster asking the public is they had “Lost all belief?” And if so, to believe in chicken instead.

A campaign we can get behind.

Joseph Louran – Account Executive: “Misinformation from politicians seems to grow higher every day so to see KFC playing on that in a fun chicken-themed campaign is a great idea to get their message out there. They are showing what we can all really trust in – delicious chicken!”

KFC spice up the General Election


University fooled by AI

Researchers at the University of Reading fooled their own professors by secretly submitting AI-generated exam answers… that went totally undetected.

Creating fake student identities, researchers submitted ChatGPT-4 generated answers in online assessments for the experiment.

The AI answers received higher than average grades than the students – with the university’s markers totally oblivious.

Jess Redfearn – Midweight Creative: “The fact the AI answers went undetected by experienced judges is scary and it really makes you think about the future of coursework and home assigments.”

University fooled by AI

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