Our first jobs

Don't worry we've all had some disasters

Sasha Marks

Board Director

My first ‘job’ was a tea-time girl/ babysitter. Don’t think I was ever really cut out for it, though… Once I locked myself out of the house because I heard a noise and had to explain why I was standing on the front door step. Another time I hid the children in a wardrobe because I heard a noise! Turns out it was the parents returning earlier than planned – cue a very embarrassed Sasha running up the stairs to remove said kids from wardrobe and shove them back in bed while bribing them not to blab.

Rachel Bainbridge

Office Manager

For my first ever job (customer service advisor) I’d been to A&E the night before due to seriously infected insect bites and was pretty much high as a kite from the medication. Don’t remember what I talked about but got the job.



Emma Trimble

Group Director

My first job was as a silver service waitress, I was useless. Would forget orders, order things several times, potatoes would fly out of my serving spoons across the room, fortunately missing people most of the time. One of my worst mishaps was when I was serving desserts at a wedding and had several plates stacked in one hand, then I noticed that the raspberry coulis was trickling off the bottom one and down the back of a lady’s expensive looking cream blazer. I ran and hid!

Nina Webb


One of my first summer jobs was working in our local video shop. Yes, hiring out actual VHS tapes. Giving a top-shelf X-rated movie by accident to a customer expecting Dirty Dancing wasn’t ideal.

Sophie Fox

Account Manager

When I worked weddings at a hotel, one of the brides got so drunk she ending up slumped over the bar kissing one of the waiters – it was my first taste of crisis management!

Niall Stott


I worked at Morrisons on the chicken counter in one of my first ever jobs and a crazy lady threw chicken nuggets at me. It certainly taught me to take anything that’s thrown at me on the chin ;).

Rebecca Ireland

Account Manager

In my very first job (at a café called Munchtime), I sliced the top of my finger off, fainted twice and got taken to hospital by the owner to stitch it back together.
Another time at the same café, a policeman came in and asked me for two breakfast trays and said he would be back in 10 minutes. I was very confused as to why and when he came back I handed him literally two trays without any food in – as I took it literally.
In my second job (another café, this time called Wibbly Wobbly Burger Bar) I cut the top of the same finger off again and fainted. They were my highlights – I’m never working in the food industry again.


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