Where to start if you’ve never written one before, the cringe factor of having to write about yourself, eugh your first CV needs to make an impact, sell yourself but in the right way…

Don’t worry, with your top tips you’ll soon have a red hot CV that’ll be opening doors left right and centre

How to write a red hot CV

Back to basics

Start with your name, address, phone number and email address at the top


Personal statement

Make it short and snappy, but try and sell yourself in three sentences or less about why you’ve got the right skills, personality and aptitude for the career you’re trying to get into. Don’t go into too much detail or talk about why that company, that’s what the covering letter is for


Work experience

Put any relevant work experience talking about what you did in a way that’s relevant for your future career – don’t just say you stuffed envelopes and made tea – the two weeks you spent doing that meant you really got under the skin of a company and worked with people of all different levels


Other work experience

Talk about your weekend and evening work and how this has helped you prepare for the world of full time work



Yes, they’re very very important but unfortunately most people will have similar degrees and A’Level results to yourself so these are a less important way of making you stand out



We like two please! Always check that your referees are happy to act as referees before putting them on

We love CVs that stand out from the crowd – we’ve had them delivered tied to helium balloons, designed as a magazine front cover with the full info inside, printed on a cake and as videos!

In a creative industry, this is such a great way to show you’ve gone the extra mile.

Nina Webb

CEO Brazen

I gave my CV a face lift to help me get my first job. But it wasn’t just the run of the mill facelift, I went all out on Photoshop and created little icons for each skill I have. I’ve revamped it since, but I still get compliments on it to this day!

I also went as far as sending quirky things relating to clients for my first agency job – I sent some personalised cookies, and put my CV in a branded bottle so they had to pull it out.

Grace Thornett

Senior Account Executive

Biggest CV pet peeves

Bad grammar Say no more

Spelling mistakes Say even less

More than two pages Edit it to make it concise

Whacky colours Communicate personality via copy and creativity with how it’s delivered or the design

Lists of dates and achievements We want to know about you not just your qualifications