Make it happen High-street and online retailer, wilko, tasked Brazen with driving awareness and talkability of its storage solutions and amplify its Big Tidy campaign.

What we did At the heart of every great campaign is a compelling story, so that’s just what we devised. We commissioned a survey of 2,000 men and women looking at the nation’s hoarding habits – the results, of which, would provide a newsworthy hook for PR and content for a targeted influencer marketing campaign.

The PR team worked up a headline-grabbing angle revealing that half of women own shoes that have never been worn and that men own t-shirts, socks, underpants dating back 10 years! The poll also revealed the percentage of men and women who have secretly thrown away their partners’ belongings.

With the news story hitting national headlines and making waves across mainstream media, Brazen’s influencer and social team used its Brazen Ranking Index to select the perfect influencer to partner with.

We teamed up with Scouse Bird Blogs – a well-loved, highly engaging influencer who also packs an immense social punch and resonates with wilko’s core audience.

First off, we took Scouse Bird Blogs to the streets, to hear what the public really thought about the results of our survey, gathering vox pops and funny reactions to the story, and creating content that delved deeper into the truths behind the nation’s hoarding habits.

While content was light-hearted, we put product at the heart of the videos offering solutions and top tips to those guilty of hoarding. The content positioned Wilko as the No.1 source for high quality storage on the high street.

We amplified content further by sharing the content on Scouse Bird Blogs’ channels, tapping into a new audience and watching engagement soar. Paired with a sophisticated paid social strategy on wilko’s owned channels, we also helped drive our engaged audience to the storage solutions on translating that engagement into the all-important conversion.

The multi-channel campaign ticked all the boxes from brand-building and engagement to product awareness and sales.

Results Over 500K video views, cost per view £0.001, social reach of 1.3M, 4K engagements, 68% increase in conversion value data YoY equating to £22K in sales during this period and 66k social traffic referrals.

17 traditional hits including The Sun, The Times, Metro Online, Good Housekeeping and Style at Home, plus and six social hits. PR reach of 61M.