Monolithic brands like Coca-Cola are increasingly overhauling more traditional marketing eco-systems in order to reach audiences (including Gen Z) who watch TV less and probably don’t read newspapers at all. These audiences are now far more susceptible to experiencing brands online and in real life.

That’s where Brazen Experience comes in. We have worked for over two decades to bring brands to life in both the real and digital worlds – creating unique live moments that get people talking, sharing, liking, and buying.

As experts in event management and production, we’ve been responsible for many successful destination marketing and experiential entertainment-led PR campaigns for high-profile brands, visitor attractions, venues, shows, festivals, and events. We’ve opened and managed multiple bars, nightclubs, and restaurants to major critical acclaim. We’ve activated Jaw to Floor™ live events, store openings, stunts, guerrilla, experiential, pop-ups, flash mobs, hangouts, sampling, festivals, exhibitions, and media tours. But what makes us strand out from the experiential crowd is our surround sound approach; we continuously maximise the reach of IRL and digital experiences by working together with Brazen News and Brazen Influence to capture headline-grabbing content that tastemakers can shout about from the rooftops.