PR is Brazen’s heartland and has been since we launched in Manchester in 2001. While the world of communications has changed dramatically since then, our original mission – to help brands stand out through our daring, different, and brazen to earned media – has stood the test of time. To this day, our approach consistently delivers multi-award-winning PR campaigns and news creation counsel for our top-notch, ballsy, and ambitious clients.

All our news services are based on culturally connected insights and data, commercial strategies, and daringly different creative ideas and content designed to get people talking, sharing, liking, and buying. And, unlike many specialist or siloed agencies, we also join the dots between Brazen Experience and Brazen Influence to ensure we deliver 360, surround sound campaigns with news (and Brazenness) baked in.


Brazen Newsroom is staffed by a highly experienced, dynamic, and nimble team of former fleet street journalists and news agency reporters, who create, craft, produce and sell in stories and associated assets. And this doesn’t stop with generating headlines; as well as creating news stories and content, we also doggedly Ride and Drive the news agenda to accelerate even more client results.

But news isn’t just about grabbing headlines anymore; adding news generation to the mix makes campaigns work harder and, on average, boosts ROI by three times.

That’s why the Brazen way is focused on creating coverage, clicks and conversations with commercial impact. So, if you’re looking for backlinks to your website and improved SEO, you’ve come to the right place. Our surround sound Newsroom services include headline-grabbing video, photography, digital assets, infographics, and SEO-driving backlinks campaigns.

And if it’s broadcast coverage you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered, too. We’ll turn our stories into soundbites that spark conversations and secure a day of back-to-back TV and radio interviews using either one of your spokespeople or a third party spokesperson