Make it happen Food & Drink PR experts, Brazen, were asked to help build brand awareness of Kerrygold Irish Butter’s ‘Tales From The Meadow’ ATL campaign and limited-edition children’s book.

The campaign needed to highlight Kerrygold’s dedication to feeding its free-roaming, happy dairy cows with only the lushest, Irish meadow-grass.

What we did We created, filmed and photographed a stunningly beautiful giant Meadow Cake, depicting a realistic Irish meadow, all hand crafted using Kerrygold Irish Butter and sugar icing – and unveiled it in central London in a sweet PR stunt so commuters could see (and taste) our lush ‘meadows’ for themselves.

Working with a world-renowned food artist, Brazen commissioned a 10 square metre, half-tonne meadow cake, featuring miniature sugar cows, hedges, trees, farmhouse, flowers and hay bales. We filmed and photographed the cake being made over three days, showing the intricacies of the work of art at each stage.

Literally bringing a ‘Slice of the Meadow’ to city dwellers, our Meadow Cake was sliced into 4,000+ pieces and sampled to hungry commuters.

And at the heart of the stunt was a news story. Our research showed that four in ten Brits have never been to the countryside – plus revealed that 22% of Brits have never made daisy chains in a country field, 3 in 10 Brits don’t know what the child’s game Pooh Sticks is, and 10% of us believe cows produce McNuggets.

The PR stunt and supporting news story generated outstanding media coverage and talkability for the brand and campaign.

Screen time 40+ media hits inc 10 national newspapers, 30 regional, trade, online & blog hits; Social reach of 182,988; 4,000+ slices of cake eaten; 1,000 Kerrygold Butter vouchers handed out; 3,000 Tales From The Meadow children’s books sampled.