Make it happen One of the UK’s leading online hotel room booking sites, LateRooms.com, asked Brazen to create a highly disruptive campaign to help turbo-charge brand chatter online.

What we did Introducing the Bubble Hotel Room in the heart of Bath!

We devised a delicious, digital-first, experiential PR campaign to put the Bubble in Bath – literally. Starting on National Bubble Bath Day, we ran a national news story revealing that Brits take just four baths a year – most of which are enjoyed during a hotel stay – generating widespread media coverage and online conversation including ITV’s Loose Women.

Then, we announced the launch of our ‘Bubble Hotel in Bath’. Sourcing an inflatable ‘bubble room’ and turning it into an all singing, all-dancing LateRooms.com branded hotel room, fully furnished in brand colours, launched in Bath, driving extensive next-day media coverage.

We secured an influential blogger to stay in the bubble who tweeted, posted on Facebook and Instagram and composed three blog articles all using our unique hashtag #LateRoomsBubble. And the public lit up social media with posts to win a stay in the Bubble Hotel at an event or occasion of their choice.

Screen time 60+ news items inc The Sun, Telegraph, Daily Mail, Metro & Mirror Online, TV’s Loose Women and Huffington Post; 71M reach from online coverage and blogger outreach with 21 quality backlinks; Over 13K social media shares of the coverage; 28% increase in online mentions during the campaign; Increase in Facebook engagement by 713% and Twitter engagement by 305% with 62.5M social media reach.