When it rains, Greene King pours!


Brazen was challenged to position Greene King pubs as THE place to go come rain or shine and generate hype around the brand’s BIGGEST ever giveaway – 100,000 free pints when the first drop of rain landed in Spring

2023 saw the wettest March in 40 years, so for 2024 we were tasked with celebrating the rain in the city Brits voted as the UK’s rainiest – Manchester!

Our ‘it rains, we pour’ campaign was grounded in survey data that delved into the nation’s mindset around the weather and how it affects our social lives – namely going down the pub

We issued out the findings and the offer announcement to media in the lead up to the giveaway, while staging a broadcast day with avid pub lover and ex-footballer Peter Crouch, using his media presence to help drive that important anticipation …because let’s face it, he’s always first to feel the rain when it comes!

To keep the momentum we ran a partnership with LADBible to promote the initiative and set up a nine-foot-tall pint glass rain drop detector in the heart of Manchester to capture the moment the first drop of rain fell on the 25th March….  It took all of 10 minutes for the beer beacon to light up and activate the giveaway. Cue a stampede to the pub and a downpour of media coverage!



PR hits


Broadcast hits


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Incremental visits to pubs measured by free pint redemptions

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