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15 minutes of Fame? You’ll be lucky

So, it’s been a week since #TheDress took over social feeds and our lives, making us question if we were crazy, if our eyes were broken, or if we had fallen for an elaborate stunt.

#TheDress owned the internet; starting mid week and reaching it’s peak on Friday when it dominated conversation.
The Brazen offices were buzzing at the end of last week and debate raged on for the entire day. What colour was the dress??

Fast-forward 7 days and how relevant is the dress now?

Well, the owners of the dress were given their own spot on The Ellen DeGeneres on Tuesday, and this week the special production of a white and gold dress for Comic Relief was announced. But, does anyone really care anymore?

In a word. No.

#TheDress is so last week. And yes, there are a bunch of campaigns riding on the coat tails of it, ensuring that it will continue to force its way into our newsfeeds for a few weeks to come. But, that buzz, the excitement and chatter around it, died pretty quickly.

And what replaced our dress obsession? A well-timed shot of a baby weasel riding a woodpecker.

Yes, you heard right…say hello to the new thing.

#WeaselPecker has taken Twitter by storm with countless memes making the rounds, featuring everyone from Kim Jong-Un to Miley Cyrus .

Smart PRs know that these phenomenon are mere flashes in the social media pan, but the rewards for getting involved at the right time are bountiful.

Convincing existing audiences that your brand is exciting and current, the right tweet at the right time can do wonders for brand perception and win over those yet to be convinced.

British Airways got their timing bang on this week, getting involved in the thread of memes being bandied about online. This tweet was simultaneously relevant to the brand and fit in perfectly with the tone of conversation – a brilliant social post from the social team.

Though we pride ourselves in coming up with top class creative campaigns for clients, reacting to already trending pieces is imperative for PRs to prove their worth to their clients, and for brands to prove their relevance with their audiences.

And so, we’ve created another celeb du jour this week, this time in the form of photographer Martin Le-May, the gent who captured this now iconic image. Martin should enjoy his minor celebrity this week, who knows what’s just around the corner…

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