Brazen weekly digital prescription – 28 May 2010

Searching for the World Wide Web’s hottest trends, keenest insight and most cunning digital PR and social media campaigns, here is your weekly Digital Prescription:

INSIGHT – Online News

For many months Rupert Murdoch, owner of News International, has been flexing his media muscle against the likes of Google in a fight over the freedom of news content online. This week saw less words and more action from the media mogul as The Times and Sunday Times relaunched online to encompass Murdoch’s paywall structure. Would you pay £1 per day for access to The Times online? Is this the evolving face of Fleet Street?

INSIGHT – Online Newspapers

Online national news coverage isn’t as worthy as print coverage right? Rubbish! The latest figures released by ABCe highlights the Mail as the nation’s most viewed national website, hitting an astonishing landmark figure of 40m monthly unique users. Now tell me online coverage isn’t important!


The sportswear giant has broken its own record for the biggest audience in the first week of a campaign with its latest “write the future” video. Securing an amazing 7.8m hits within seven days, it seems online is wiping the floor with both print and TV. How’s Spotify doing dare I ask?


A few weeks back I showed you how Hi-Tech demonstrated their new waterproof trainers superbly by running on water. This week – Dyson previews the power of their hoovers with….a balloon?!


Another company to feature in the Digital Prescription regularly. Design your own shoes, T-shirts, cars, bikes, etc, etc…and now beer!

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