You know you’re a PR Account Executive when…

There are many signs that indicate your role as a PR account executive at Brazen PR in Manchester including constantly talking on the phone to journalists, finding random objects for events and experiencing something new and different every day. Other signs of being a Brazen PR account executive are:

You are an expert in current affairs
Having your head in a newspaper and eyes fixed on the office TV means you constantly know what is going on in the world, be it politics, sport, entertainment or public interest stories means you quickly become the ideal person to have on a pub quiz team.

You have a ‘telephone’ voice
As account execs, you are expected to pick up the phone and talk to journalists, the media and even your client meaning you learn how to effectively talk on the phone and develop your own professional telephone voice.

You are not fazed by rejection
Experiencing your first “no” from a journalist will set you up with resilience to deal with rejection, it motivates you and makes the celebration worthwhile when you secure that outstanding piece of coverage

Twitter and Instagram become your go-to apps
As PR becomes focused on influencer-marketing, you start to see your social media as an opportunity to look for bloggers who can help promote your client and of course share your successful event on Instagram

Your desk is piled high with newspapers and magazines
Working on a range of clients means you receive subscriptions for a number of food, travel and home magazines as well as articles by journalists who have featured topics of interest – it is important to be immersed in the media and know what journalists are writing about

Journalists turn into friends
From exchanging several emails a week, talking on the phone and meeting at events and media visits, journalists become friends as you share your passion for your client with them and build key long-term relations

No one knows what your job actually entails
When talking to friends about your role as a PR account executive, no one really understands what you do – some days you can be helping with an event, other days you are writing press releases and on some occasions you’re planning stunts, launching new bars and brainstorming new and audacious ideas for your clients

Doing mailers becomes second nature
Here at Brazen, we send plenty of mailers containing anything from cleaning products, coffee, cocktail kits and homeware items, the mailers have to be packed correctly and look perfect for whoever is set to open it

You learn where to find obscure items
As an exec, you have a list of key contacts who will stock anything from props to Santa Claus costumes to edible bugs – anything you need for a client, you somehow always manage to find

“Selling in” is a term you often use
Selling in means pitching your brand new PR story to the press and hearing their feedback on it. As execs, you frequently will have to talk to the early morning news desks and share your story with them, as well as chase on any interest you receive in the new product, event or story you are pitching

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