A dose of perspective


My goodness, I don’t envy the students picking up their GCSE results today.

Secondary schools across the UK bill this day as the single most important day of their lives.

That’s right. More important than the potential heart-bypass surgery you may need, the complicated delivery of your first child or saving a cat stuck in a tree.

This ladies and gentlemen, is serious.

It’s the day the clique of nerds give the middle finger to the haters and the day those with behavioural issues get to metaphorically face slap their teachers by not turning up.

I remember waltzing into school on that fateful Thursday morning. After five years of being brain-washed, I felt like my future balanced on a freshly-sharpened knife edge.

Deep down, I knew how much that Drama GCSE would dictate my life. It would be the telling factor between entering the BAFTA Fellowship and an irregular gig at Batley Working Men’s Club. I would take the contents of that A4 brown envelope to my grave.

My headstone would read: “Gone but not forgetting his terrible GCSE results.”

Never mind opening the envelope, being handed it was traumatic enough. Plastered on it was a prepubescent headshot of myself. Just looking at that, I had a better reason to cry inconsolably than any other doomed student in the room.

My results were decent, but nothing to write home about.

It’s easy to lose perspective when you’re a socially-challenged 16 year old – pushy parents and teachers blur reality.

Here’s a little home truth, an unadulterated dose of perspective.

This, class of 2013, is just the beginning.

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