Brazen weekly digital prescription – 07 May 2010

Searching for the World Wide Web’s hottest trends, keenest insight and most cunning digital PR and social media campaigns, here is your weekly Digital Prescription:

INSIGHT – UK politics

Whether the outcome left you jumping for joy or weeping over your breakfast, it was positive to see queues at polling stations up and down the country and our younger generation taking an active interest in British politics. Social media and the digital sphere is thought to be the driving force behind its revival.


This week saw Man City take on Spurs for the battle of 4th place and also Umbro attempt to break the record for the most people ‘checked-in’ to one single Foursquare venue. Unfortunately the record wasn’t broken but full marks to Umbro for experimenting with new social media platforms.


What’s the fastest; Google Chrome, explosives, electricity or sound? Let’s find out with this latest video released by the search engine giant. Entertainment, intrigue and slow motion HD…hit written all over it.

CASE STUDY – Peugeot

The French car maker suggests that you don’t choose its latest creation, the RCZ, but in a role reversal – the car chooses you. How does the car choose you you ask? With a classified ad of yourself of course.


Nokia…the masters of creating a digital spectacle in the real world. Need we say more?

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