Brazen weekly digital prescription – 30 April 2010

Searching for the World Wide Web’s hottest trends, keenest insight and most cunning digital PR and social media campaigns, here is your weekly Digital Prescription:

CASE STUDY – Iron Man 2

Appealing to the geek inside everyone, this clever use of augmented reality allows the user to actually become Iron Man. Who wouldn’t like that?

CASE STUDY – Heineken

Yes we reference Heineken quite a lot but that’s because they do amazing work. Their latest viral mocks our obsession with talent shows but with its own Heineken inspired twist.

CASE STUDY – Splinter Cell

See exactly how computer game publisher Ubisoft launched their latest title, Splinter Cell: Conviction, by breaking down the barriers between the real and virtual world.

CASE STUDY – Cadbury

We all remember the classic ‘Jim’ll Fix It’ clip involving the rollercoaster, a group of scouts, lunch and copious amounts of G-force right? Well here is Cadbury’s attempt to recreate the magic with their Cadbury Flake 99 Challenge.


Who said search marketing is boring? Spicing things up in the world of online advertising, Ann Summers’ latest campaign uses Google Adwords and a number of clever risque political puns to capture traffic from one of the UK’s most searched for terms – the UK election.

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