Getting The Best From Your Facebook Advert Campaign

Keeping up with the continuous changes to Facebook’s ad selection can be exhausting. We’ve compiled a list of the best tactics to gain excellent conversions and traffic from your ad set.

1. Carousel Adverts

Facebook has moved on from static ads to a more playful carousel ad. With greater user interaction it makes sense that the carousel advert typically doubles engagements compared to static adverts.

Carousel ads allow the user to scroll through multiple images to be ultimately greeted by the brand’s logo.

They work in harmony with e-commerce sites, allowing the ad images to link back to the unique product page, ultimately driving people onto the site and supporting sale conversions.

Images can be set in a storytelling format to build a larger image, or they can be positioned individually within a theme (see examples below).



2. Facebook Video Ads

Facebook’s algorithm typically favours video content. Given Facebook’s objective is to keep users on the platform, videos which are uploaded straight onto Facebook, rather than linked to from YouTube, tend to perform better. Video ads are no exception to this rule.

Video ads can ask the user to complete a number of calls to action (CTAs) including; shop now, book now, learn more, sign up and download. You can also ask the viewer to like the page alongside your call-to-action, therefore achieving multiple conversions at once.


3. Pixel Installation

Monitor the rate of conversions by installing tracking pixels onto the pages of your website.

If you tell Facebook what the aim of your advert is (e.g. to encourage people to buy a particular product), you can create a pixel to track this on your website. Just install the code in the footer of the appropriate page and monitor the results of your Facebook ad strategy. This is a great mechanism to help prove the ROI for your social campaign.

To get started, just choose the conversion tracking option through Facebook’s advert manager.


4. Pixel Retargeting

You can also target your audience with Facebook’s retargeting pixel. Businesses can show their adverts to people who have visited certain pages on their website. This is the perfect tool to target people who haven’t made a purchase yet but have left the site to look at a competitor’s prices or have been distracted before converting. Retargeting is essential for sales support, ensuring a customer doesn’t slip away.

To begin, add the pixel into the page footer, go back to audience management and choose the ‘people visiting specific web pages but not others’ option. This will now create a list of people visiting a specific page and target this group with select ads.


With these optimisations to your ad campaign, you can ramp up your fan acquisition efforts and drive conversion on your website, which ultimately impacts your bottom line in the best way possible.

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