How To Have A Stress Busting Lunch Break

One of the factors that attracts many of us to PR is its reputation as a fast-paced, dynamic industry.

The ever-changing nature of our day-to-day job means it’s important for us to keep our productivity high and stress levels low, in order to deliver our best work and enjoy each day in this crazy industry!

On Monday, I came across an inspiring article in the Daily Express discussing ten things you can do change your life on your lunch break and immediately tore out the page to keep, because it’s true that even on manic days, it’s important to take five for yourself.

After reading a number of ways to bust stress and boost your mood, that are totally achievable on your lunch, I decided that this week I’ll give some of these a go.

Daydreaming about my next meal is a hobby of mine, so the first tip I tried was using lunch to plan my evening meal (prawn and lemon pasta in case you’re wondering). The feature recommends researching a new recipe and sourcing ingredients on your break and I completely agree, it was a nice breather. By focussing on something un-related to work, I felt productive when returning to my desk.

Getting closer to the natural world is another lovely recommended tip, suggesting that we head out to our nearest green space or waterway to listen and look out for wildlife or nature. We’re lucky here at Brazen to be close to the local Canals, and surrounded by small but lush green spaces, so a walk around here is just the cure for a busy mind.

Another tip that really spoke to me was to treat yourself, encouraging us to be self-indulgent on breaks by shopping or even getting a massage. You don’t need to tell me twice. I can now justify a trip to Market Street… as the article suggests that taking the time out for self-care, means we become less drained and deal better with stress should it arise.

More little tricks I’ll be trying this week include; doodling – found to boost concentration, and listening to a new genre of music – to lift your mood. I’m looking forward to utilising my lunch breaks and hopefully busting some stress in the process.

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