Let’s claim back the St George flag from the right wing

The English rate themselves the least patriotic nation in Europe, a new poll suggests in advance of St George’s day.

Almost half of us believe our country has lost its identity in the face of European interference and political correctness.

The poll also reveals that two thirds of Brits don’t even know St George’s day is on April 23 – this Friday.

The shame.

I suspect the whole national identity crisis is really more about being too embarrassed to display our patriotism because of potentially being labeled right-wing or racist.

The BNP and its right-wing crew-cut-sporting supporters have hijacked our national day.

Can we not take it back? It’s ours after all. It’s not supposed to be a reactionary statement against immigrants is it?

St George, if you believe the historians, was Turkish, for goodness sake. He was, apparently, born in Nicomedia, which is in modern day Turkey and died in the year 303 near modern day Tel Aviv. He was almost certainly of Islamic stock.

About as far from the right-wing skinheads who promote right-wing facism and racism under the guise of ‘nationalism’ as you’re ever likely to get.

So, it never was the BNP’s day to steal in the first place. Most of them probably don’t even get the irony of a bunch of racists singing ‘Swing Low Sweet Chariot’ in celebration of an Islamic saint.

Let’s have the day back shall we? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being patriotic and proud and waving the English flag.

We all celebrate St Patrick’s Day don’t we? It’s about time we took back our own flag.

It doesn’t mean we are racists.

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