My pledge to clients in 2021


Over the past 10-months PR has proven, beyond a doubt, to be a valuable, cost effective discipline for marketeers.  We’ve stood shoulder to shoulder with clients, scaled down, scaled back up, been daring in our approach to new ways of doing things, been agile and mindful of the ever-evolving news agenda and delivered cost-effective meaningful campaigns and activations.

And, we’ll be here again in 2021 for clients to help them navigate their way through post-pandemic trauma and the inevitable hangover from 2020.  A year of opportunity for those brands that continue to understand their audiences and talk (not shout) to them in meaningful ways.

So, as we brave a peek from behind the curtain at what’s in store for the year ahead, here’s my top five New Year’s Resolutions for our clients, old and new…

Remain BFF’s

We’ve talked more than ever during 2020, we’ve shared each other’s trials and tribulations, over Zoom & Teams.  We’ve sat in each other’s kitchens, bedrooms and gardens (remember that good Summer?) even met each other’s kids and pets.  We’ve laughed and cried – more importantly we got your back!  It’s been a year of sharing and understanding – let’s not lose that. Our client relationships have never been stronger or more important.

Continue to put BRAND purpose first

We’ve been rethinking how brands connect with people without expensive above the line advertising.  We’ve amplified purpose through ideas that have delivered trust and reassurance with our clients target audiences, even during the dark times.

Always deliver BRILLIANT ideas

We’ve helped prove that with great ideas you can still get visibility in a crowded and competitive news environment. Dare to be Brazen – surely there’s no other way?

Continue to embrace BRAND new tech

Virtual is here to stay. Yes, it’ll be amazing to be with everyone again, but we’ll also not forget the value of virtual for delivering great briefings (that can be watched time and time again) and their ability to connect people like never before – virtual press show anyone?

Remain BLOODY good value

Your Brazen PR team has really proved its value in 2020. We’ve turned out campaigns in record time, been nimble and shown we can produce quality content with amplification tactics as standard, all without breaking a sweat. We promise to keep pushing you out your comfort zones because that’s where we believe the magic happens.

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