Sharing’s Caring – Brazen wins at creating online noise

So it’s the start of April or, as it’s more formally known, ‘Royal Baby Month’. The buzz surrounding the birth is already huge with guesses galore concerning the name of the next member of the Windsor clan. The run up to the big delivery day has already been the subject of a few well-timed PR campaigns such as the recent ‘Barkingham Palace’ Corgi race put together by Ladbrokes to encourage wagering on the final decision.

Whatever the outcome of the birth, once that news finally breaks, you can bet it’ll be one of the most shared releases to date.

Shareable news releases really are the Holy PR Grail but sadly we don’t often have a royal dynasty behind our press releases. However that doesn’t mean we can’t make readily shareable new stories… we just need a bit more ingenuity than the nobility.

Now, here at Brazen we pride ourselves on beautifully crafted news stories, filled will expertly obtained statistics and insights. But is that enough any more? The answer, in this age of sharing videos, vines, images and statuses with a mere ‘click and a swipe’, is a resounding no. With all the content out there and all media outlets competing to report the big, shareable news first, we’ve got to think differently.

And that’s just what we like here at Brazen – a challenge. We pride ourselves on rising to the occasion, and whilst this might be tooting the orange horn, we’ve played an absolutely blinder. No holds barred, the team’s big thinking resulted in a hotel in the shape of a transparent bubble being constructed in the middle of Bath’s High Street. The hotel was open for one weekend only, inviting couples to put themselves on show and book in for an entire night’s stay.

Not content with a simple release around this or photos of the bubble hotel room, (which came complete with separate bathroom featuring a real-life bath and robes), one of Brazen’s best and brightest took the plunge and indulged in a bubble bath in the centre of Bath’s busiest thoroughfares. And that’s when we saw the magic happen. If taking a bath inside a see-through bubble hotel in the middle of Bath’s City Centre isn’t sharable – what is?


Laterooms Bubble Hotel in Bath PR Experiential Stunt

With high-foot fall and a dramatic photo opportunity, the effort paid dividends and then some. With blanket national coverage, loads of Twitter conversation and public sharing on Instagram and Facebook, creating user-generated content, The Holy Grail became a reality.

Just goes to show, with a bit of hard work, but more importantly a phenomenal idea, anything’s possible.

With that in mind, will anyone put a bet on the name Zoella? Goes nicely with George, don’t you think?

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