Snapchat – What’s Your Story?

A picture says a thousand words.

I like that old saying, and I really do believe it. A picture can convey beauty, sadness, freedom or joy. It can say things that a word can never explain. It can describe the indescribable.

A picture can evoke emotions that no word can and on top of all that, it can last a lifetime, tucked safely away in our dusty photo albums (or desktops).

My mammy hates the camera phone. “Take it all in” she says, “don’t waste a second, be there.”

She always scolds when a pretty view appears (or dinner is set in front of us) and the first thing we do is take our phones out.

I see her point, but I always return to photos to remember those moments. They bring a smile to my face; the memories worth capturing.

Then came along Snapchat: the app that captures a memory and then deletes it forever.

I can only guess that someone haunted by a cheeky pic sent on a whim created Snapchat. They invented a tool to send photos with no consequences- they banished 15 minutes of fame the moment it went live on Play Store and created a new phenomenon…

15 seconds of fame.

Whether it’s the flash of a nipple, standing at the top of the empire state building or as dull as a cup of tea, for those 15 seconds all eyes are on our lives. And we thrive off it.

We document every second of our day and are hooked on snaps sent to us until it vanishes before our eyes regardless of whether we care about that bloody cat or not.

We’re so scared of missing something in others lives yet we’re prepared to miss our reality for just 15 seconds of approval from acquaintances.

We fumble for our phone frantic to share a moment, desperate to ‘snap’ it, to say ‘look where I am’ and then it’s gone – the picture and the seconds of your life worth recording.

The loss of that photo means we never get to mentally capture seconds of our lives worth talking about. We value those happy moments at 15 seconds and then they are lost in a catastrophic virtual trash bin.

But, hey, at least we got some attention right?

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