5 Tips to Make YouTube Work for Your Brand

Did you know that the world’s 100 most successful brands have published more than a quarter of a million videos on YouTube?

This titanic raft of moving pictures adds significant weight to their increasing brand-power through the clever, shareable use of video content marketing.

And, yet, the globe’s second biggest search engine is woefully ignored by many household brands.

If you’re a brand, small or large, it’s time to wise up.

YouTube is much more than simply the modern day TV channel of choice for the world’s teenagers – and, as a brand, you ignore it at your peril.

Cisco research reveals that video is expected to account for 69% of all web traffic by 2017 – so no surprise then that marketeers are starting to elevate video content on their agendas this year.

Seventy per cent of people see brands in a much more positive way after watching interesting video content from them on YouTube and 85% of them are far more likely to act and spend after watching a branded video.

Savvy businesses already producing YouTube content are already experiencing the benefits of this, with 52% of marketing professionals admitting that videos generate their best ROI for marketing spend.

YouTube gets more than a billion unique visitors each month, more than any other channel except Facebook.

Still think you can afford to ignore it?

Thought not.

Here are five handy hints for making the most of YouTube for your brand.


Successful brands on YouTube have 50% more videos per channel when compared to those who are least successful. Content is king – but you need plenty of it to have a real impact.

Make sure you publish lots of quality content regularly. Like the TV audience, your viewers will expect new content to appear on schedule regularly – don’t disappoint them.

The most successful YouTube brands publish more than 70 videos every month.


The best YouTube marketers produce a very broad range of video content. Spend too long producing a video that could win an Oscar for its production values and you won’t have time to dedicate to volume.

Your YouTube videos need not be prime-time quality epics because lower production value videos can be just as edgy, effective and, in many ways, more shareable.


You’ve gone to the trouble of producing great content – make sure it can be found. There’s no point having great product if the shop window doesn’t show it off, is there?

With SEO in mind, Google prioritises web pages that feature YouTube video embedded into their architecture.


Some 37% of all YouTube channels have not had fresh content added for over four months. Update your channel regularly and make sure you emulate the most successful YouTube marketers – clearly focus on specific target audiences.


Facebook and Twitter are the most important sources of traffic for YouTube’s Top 100 Global Brands. Use them. Shout about your content on social networks.

Users frequently share videos on social networks, and video content is attractive for sharing. So tie social network strategy to the hip of your YouTube video production.

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