Creepy Content Round Up

As it’s Halloween we thought we’d take this opportunity to share with you our three favourite scary pieces of content marketing from the past 12 months. First up is ‘The Devil Baby Attack’ which was created to launch horror movie Devil’s Due back in January 2014. A terrifying blend of animatronics and genuinely petrified reactions made this an overnight YouTube sensation. With over 48M hits, the simplicity of the idea and the great execution ensured this struck content gold. We suspect that more people will have seen this viral than the actual film!

Our second favourite video is for hit US legal drama, ‘How to Get Away with Murder’. This is a hidden camera test to see how far people would go to protect their friends. The video provides us with a glimpse at our behaviour and seamlessly mirrors the show’s key storyline. This content was amplified with a news story survey about how many people would lie to the police or do jail time for a loved one – showing content marketing and PR blending perfectly. Launched in time for the spookiest time of year, this video has 67k views but we expect it will start to increase dramatically.

And finally, our creative friends at Pepsi have done it again with this incredible piece of content that spans experiential, stunt and video content. What trip to the cinema would be complete without seeing a terrifying clown mask staring back at you in a bathroom mirror. Already racking up an impressive 88,000 views on YouTube, nearly 60,000 Likes on Facebook and 28,888 FB shares. Hats off to Pepsi.

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