#DeleteFacebook or #KeepFacebook


Facebook, a great way to stay in contact with friends? A powerful marketing tool? Or a threat to modern day privacy? Whichever camp you’re in, you can’t deny Facebook has become a huge part of our day-to-day life.

This week, controversy struck the platform as news broke around a global data breach. Regulators swarmed the network, after a whistle blower called Facebook out for its lax privacy policy, that allowed app developers to harvest data through third party quizzes and games.

London-based data mining & analytics company, Cambridge Analytica, were at the centre of the scandal, having extracted data of over 50 million Facebook user’s unconsented data.

After days of radio silence, Zuckerberg has finally spoke about the breach, offering a public apology, writing “we have a responsibility to protect your data, and if we can’t then we don’t deserve to serve you”. Is this a little too late?

In response to the scandal, Zuckerberg’s ex-business partner Brian Acton, who in 2014 sold WhatsApp to Facebook for a casual £19 billion, has tweeted saying it’s time to #DeleteFacebook, but do you agree? How will we keep in contact with our mum’s sister’s neighbour’s best friend, will we have to actually start acknowledging them in the street…


We asked the Brazen team their take on the scandal:

Board Director, Peter Burling

‘I’m in the #KeepFacebook club– I’ve invested in Facebook for over a decade.

Data sharing is a part of  my everyday life. We’ve been targeting FB users for years as a business to help clients get their engaging content seen, I’m no hypocrite..  Supermarkets have been doing this for much, much longer with club cards.

I’m always careful what information I intentionally share, I’m using Instagram more now anyway, the user interface is easier and I’m using Facebook less and less.

Head of Content, Sarah Hodgetts

‘To be fair, I couldn’t possibly delete Facebook. It’d be like removing my right arm, the data breach hasn’t really surprised me though, and in truth, I have been using Facebook less and less over the past 12 months. Instead, opting to spend more time on Instagram and that fresh-faced new social channel on the block, Vero.

Senior PR Account Manager, Ellen

‘I won’t be deleting Facebook but mainly due to using it for work and getting updates from friends/ local communities and groups – however, I am decreasing the amount of time I spend on there and limiting the information shared’.

Account Director, Hugh

‘The recent news around Facebook and Cambridge Analytica didn’t come as a massive surprise, and it won’t stop me using the network (where else can I get my meme fix?). That said, I’m definitely more cautious about using apps through Facebook, and try to keep the personal info I share to a minimum.’


Senior Social Media Exec, Sam

‘ I won’t be deleting Facebook as it shouldn’t come as a shock that they use personal information to create adverts. It’s too much of a valuable platform to delete. I also don’t share that much data or personal information for it to be an issue, I only use it for Memes, I’m all about that Meme life.

Finance Exec, Lauren

‘I’m in Team #KeepFacebook as I have friends & family who live in different countries and it’s a good way for us to keep in touch. I don’t really share much anyway i.e. statuses on thoughts/feelings etc. – mainly just pictures and tagging places (makes me look like I actually have some form of social life LOLZ).

PR Director, Emma Trimble

’I won’t be deleting Facebook as any possible damage will have already been done. I’ve been on the channel for over 10 years now and there are photos and memories on there that I wouldn’t be able to access anywhere else – photos that my friends have shared and tagged me in, as well as my own that I just uploaded directly to the channel

Chloe Sharp, Social Media Account Manager

‘I won’t be deleting Facebook as I just find it so helpful for discovering local events, organising plans with friends, like group holidays. The other platforms don’t have the same functionality in that respect, especially in the way it links in with Messenger group chats. I increasingly use the platforms differently so think they complement each other rather than acting as alternatives – Facebook’s great for talking to friends & family, Twitter is great for breaking news and public reactions, and Instagram is great for inspirational design or checking out new restaurants before you visit.I think there’s still a way to go before data on social media sites is secure but there’s so much scrutiny on global data-led companies like Facebook and Google that I think they will be forced to make their processes compliant much more quickly and effectively than many other businesses we sign our data over too. For example I try to avoid agreeing to sign over my data to third party apps on Facebook because they could be anybody – many are tiny coding start-ups who may have little knowledge of data regulation or could even be run by unscrupulous scammers. Yes Facebook is more powerful and has a lot more insight into your behaviour, but it’s also going to be the first place regulators investigate as we enter GDPR.

So the verdict’s in. The Brazen team won’t be deleting Facebook, but instead will be a little more cautious about what they share and continue enjoying those all-important Memes, and connections with family and friends!.

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