Desert Island Digital

If you were stranded on a desert island and could only choose one digital service to take with you, which would it be?

Could you live without Facebook, for example?

Quite how you’d get by if you couldn’t catch up on the latest Grumpy Cat memes, or without knowing if Martha Miggins had finally found her missing tortoise, I’m not sure.

So you’d choose Facebook as your Desert Island Digital, right?

But what about Twitter?

I mean, Twitter’s like Facebook but quicker, more newsy, without all the froth and fluff from friends, isn’t it? A bit more businesslike, Twitter almost makes us feel grown up. How would we know whether to be angry or not about the new iPhone 6 bending were it not for Twitter?

So…Facebook or Twitter?

Oh, hang on. That means we’d have to forgo Instagram. What would life be without the façade afforded us by Instagram filters? Unbearable, right?

How would we make our life, our pictures of breakfast plates and coffee mugs, look retro and cool without Instagram? No, we’d have to have Instagram. A life without filters would be just too real.

This isn’t as easy as it sounds, is it?

Hang on…we’ve forgotten music in all of this heated debate. We can’t survive on a desert island* without our favourite tunes. I mean, what would happen if you bumped into a potential significant other and suddenly found yourself without a Luther Vandross classic to provide a suitably romantic background? It really doesn’t bear thinking about.
No – Spotify has to be in the mix, surely. I couldn’t get through a weekend without taking the mickey out of my friends’ pop music choices and secretly hoping no-one was online when I quickly listened to some Take That, ironically of course.

But what about Snapchat? Is it wrong that it is so easy to become addicted to the instant flash & disappear mechanic so-oft employed at the most inappropriate social moments by our beautifully drunken friends? Can we get by without those over-in-a-second flashes of dubious inspiration? Difficult.

And then there’s Vine. Just imagine all the amazingly hilarious six-second video loops we could create, alone, on a desert island.

And LinkedIn. Could we get through a week without knowing what job anniversary our fiercest competitor was celebrating?

What about Pinterest? We need pictures. Lots of them. Organised in ways we possibly couldn’t be without. Like lists. Only pictures.

How could we forget YouTube? The world’s second biggest search engine, if you believe the experts. How would we ever get through a mediocre Wednesday evening without laughing out loud at a selection of the World’s Biggest Fails videos?

There are a hundred others too.

But which to choose? Which could you not live without? And with all this digital stuff to focus on when would the desert island stranded have time to build an SOS pyre?

*Yes – this desert island has a plug socket. Groovy, right?

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