General election – are we now voting for politicians or celebrities?

It’s just not cricket is it?

Just because our friends over the pond do it, does it make it right?

No, it doesn’t.

So stop it.

Hang your heads in shame David Cameron and Gordon Brown. This is a General Election not a Westminster heat of The X Factor.

So stop wheeling out celebrities to support your cause and offer ridiculously manufactured photo opportunities.

I’m not voting for Ian Botham, Michael Caine or even Dr Who himself –David Tennant.

Look what happened in America. Politics is now a tacky showbusiness style sideshow where the real issues are confused with who is more popular – Oprah Winfrey or Arnie. It is farsical. Ridiculous. Unnecessary.

Watching David Cameron go for a weekend jog with Ian ‘Beefy’ Botham was simply cringeful. And now Labour is wheeling out Dr Who.

Gordon – there may be a number of redundant robots in Westminster but there are no daleks. You don’t need the good Doctor.

Plus, he wouldn’t win any votes for you. He can’t even vote himself because he lives in a sodding phone box.

Sir Michael Caine – hang your head in shame. You’ve just blown the bloody doors off your credibility mate. Politics is no place for Harry Palmer.

This is politics and the future of the country we’re talking about, not a new UK soap opera. Can we talk about what you’ll actually be doing to improve the green, green grass of home rather than who’s in your little black books gents.
Yes, good PR practice, demands that in this day and age, celebrities are used to endorse products and companies at every turn. And it works too.

But the General Election is about our future, a serious issue with serious implications for everyone in the UK. This shouldn’t be some celebrity endorsed product launch.

Just for once, it would be nice to see the real issues – the promises the three big parties are making to the people of the UK – get an airing. Instead, the ‘promises’ are masked by dry ice, jogging pants and daleks. Shame.

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