Insight 12: What’s on your digital agenda in 2012? One of 10 – Privacy

2012 has started off where 2011 ended…with Facebook in the digital headlines. The way that its Sponsored Stories advertising programme can use your “friendship” of a Facebook Page in its adverts had shocked a lot of people. The fact that these stories can now appear in your personal, customised news stream (the big stream of content in the middle of your Facebook page) and appear as genuine news items has caused even more concern.

Furthermore, Facebook’s integration with Spotify at the end of 2011 also brought with it the seamless sharing of music to your Facebook wall. Music that you thought you were listening to in private was suddenly, automatically being broadcast to Facebook.

All of these “tweaks” raise significant questions about privacy. In this social world, has the generally accepted definition of privacy changed? Do we understand what privacy is any more? Do we care? What opportunities and threats does this present to brands and consumers?

The video below is the first in a series of ten short videos looking at what needs to be on your agenda for 2012 as part of my participation in the brilliant Insight Twelve event put on by Don’t Panic. I’ll be lining up alongside some great names from difference creative and media sectors, all looking at what is in store for us in the year ahead.

As always, any opinions and ideas are very, very welcome.

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