Manchester PR & media – first ever How-Do Annual General Meeting of North West Creative & Media Industries

If you’re in Manchester PR or media listen up, it is the first ever How-Do Annual General Meeting of North West Creative & Media Industries on Thursday, staged at the City of Manchester Stadium.

And what a way to start.

Among the guest speakers will be the new uber-boss over at the beleaguered Manchester Evening News.

Sara Wilde-McKeown, Regional Managing Director of Trinity Mirror North West and Wales, could be in for an interesting time after Trinity’s recent takeover at Scott Place.

It could certainly make for a busier than expected question and answer session towards the end of the event.

And while these kind of events have habitually turned into elongated boozing and back-slapping sessions there are clear signs that there will be some real agenda to this one.

If you’re attending – especially one of those chosen few hand-picked to address the baying media mob – I expect, nay, demand some serious revelations and news scoops from you of elevated position.

Don’t expect to get anything approximating a back-slap unless you can tick ‘yes’ to the following three criteria.

i) I am a hugely important North-west creative influencer with unrivalled insight in my chosen field.

ii) I intend to be hugely revelatory and provide at least three news scoops/pints of bitter.

iii) If I can’t do any of the above I promise, without compromise, to start the most talked-about fist-fight in the history of Manchester media get-togethers to provide headlines for any under par/lazy journalists and the gathered Manchester PR glitterati.

Alternatively, I’ll see you all in the bar. Mine’s a Boddies.

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