Mr Marmite Strikes Again

This week our client, the National Football Museum received perhaps it’s strangest piece of football history to date.

The museum is already home to some pretty off-the-wall items – the infamous Michael Jackson statue that once stood outside Craven Cottage, the yellow tie of Sky Sports News’ Jim White and the late Bert Trautmann’s neck brace to name just a few.

But this one trumps the lot. The unmistakeable golden locks of former Premiership footballer Robbie Savage.

After getting his passport mixed up with his wife’s and realising they looked identical he soon realised something had to be done and took perhaps his first visit to the hairdressers in his lifetime.

Savage joked on Twitter that he’d be donating his hair to the museum and the rest, as they say, is history.

Robbie rocked up to the museum on Tuesday with his hairdresser and armed with a bag of hair to officially donate it to the museum.

The hair was as dead as a doornail. It had turned to greying shade of brown and was likened by onlookers to a rat, a squirrel and the contents of a vacuum cleaner bag.

Nevertheless, this piece of football history had found a home amongst the world’s great collection football memorabilia.

Naturally, the unveiling of this new item has caused a lot of debate. ‘What is the feminine hair of a trophyless footballer doing in a museum?’ asked one keyboard warrior.

I asked myself whether this new exhibit may dilute the rest of the memorabilia collection, does it make this critically-acclaimed national museum a joke?

No, it doesn’t. The key thing to remember is that everyone with an interest in the beautiful game has an opinion on Robbie Savage. He get’s people talking and most importantly, this exhibit makes people smile.

There are plenty of century old match day programmes, winners medals and trophies at the museum, each valid and with its own delightful backstory. It’s no different for the shorn locks of this polarising and infamous footballer – they enrich the visitor experience and provide a genuine talking point.

So, just as he did in his playing days, Mr Marmite, as he was known, is still splitting public opinion and I’m sure that just the way he likes it

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