5 Reasons Facebook Live Will Be So Important In 2017


New year, new socials trends… and the new trend set to dominate? Facebook Live

As we know, social media is one of the fastest growing marketing sectors and, as such, brands are constantly trying to up their social strategy with the latest cutting-edge approaches.

Last year didn’t see even the merest hint of a slow down in traction on new trends; we were introduced to the ‘buy’ button making Facebook a one-stop-shop but, the real game-changer was 360 video which took us on a visual tour of the world – and even Mars.

Video content is always greeted with audible delight from fans as it creates a more engaging experience and receives the greater reach, it’s no surprise that users have already greeted Facebook Live with open arms.

Here’s five reasons Facebook Live should be part of your social media strategy in 2017:

  1. Engagement. 2017 is set to be the year of personalised and more intimate social strategies. Users are looking for a more interactive experience where they feel like brands are talking directly to them. Viewers also like that they can engage via the comments section and get an instant reply – think Q and A’s with a twist!
  2. Excitement. Like anything new and innovative, brands are eager to experiment and see how it works for them. However, it was fast thinking from fashion brand Boohoo that really stole the show. Not one to shy away from new trends, Boohoo understood the sense of urgency and excitement this new feature offers and crafted a competition where a shoe was frozen in a block of ice, users had to comment ‘melt’ to blast hot air and the person who freed the shoe won – an extremely creative way to get fans involved, winning a massive 2 million views.
  3. Hype. Consider a live video as an event, you can build excitement and anticipation. Audiences enjoy feeling like they’re seeing something exclusive so creating hype to see something new is a guaranteed way to receive more viewers and engagement.
  4. Experimenting. As Facebook Live only gained real popularity in late 2016, it gave brands time to experiment and test which strategies worked best for their target audience. Expect 2017 to see lots of new types of live video before brands settle into what best suits their niche.
  5. Regularity. What’s the best way to keep audiences coming back for more? Give them something familiar to look forward to. Benefit Cosmetics are leading the way with a series approach, broadcasting weekly tutorials and answering live questions via Facebook.

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