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Want to collaborate with influencers to reach your audience? We’ve got you!

We sort the contracting, develop the creative, produce the content, and then share it with the world (through earned, owned, and paid channels) to get people talking, sharing, liking, and buying.


Who will you choose?

It feels like everyone is an influencer these days and it’s hard to know where to start – from celebrities with millions of social media followers, specialist vloggers and bloggers, niche Instagram influencers and your own customers – there are so many powerful people to work with.

We’re experts in influencer marketing campaigns, with specialist knowledge of TikTok and Instagram influencer marketing, along with a variety of other social media platforms.

Let us build your influencer campaigns, help drive awareness of your brand, review products, build trust, increase advocacy, drive sales, celebrate your own customers or help you choose your next brand partnership.


If you’re not on the list….

Brazen runs a not-so-little black book of influencers, ‘Brazen Buddies’, ranked on a broad range of PR, social, and SEO metrics; ensuring only the most relevant influencers speak on behalf of our clients.

All our influencers are categorised using the ‘Brazen Ranking Index’ (BRI) so whether you want to work with an up-and-coming Instagrammer, a trend-setting TikToker, a fast favourite vlogger or a heavy-hitting blogger, we can arrange it for you. No dud dates on this matching service, just 100% choice matches guaranteed to cause love at first like. This is why our influencer marketing services are so popular – we can pair you up with your ideal match to develop exceptional influencer marketing campaigns.

If you’re an Influencer and you’d like to join our Brazen Buddies database, and work with some of the UK’s most famous brands

Brazen Buddies

Your name in lights….

After we’ve helped you choose the perfect partners, we act as a driving force behind content and campaigns. Working hand-in-hand with the influencers, we help concept, pitch, brief and manage your partnership from inception to awards. Our approach is influencer first making sure the content is natural for their channel to help build brand affinity with their audience, but still always gets across the key campaign messages in a creative, highly original way.

Trust us to build relationships with influencers whose audiences trust them and their choices. Speak to our expert team to find out more about influencer marketing campaigns, and our range of influencer marketing services. We can help your brand build relationships with the right customers, at the right time.


We know the wider influencer marketing mix

No matter where influencers sit in your marketing mix, we know they can drive real results, and they can drive them quickly.

We link up with social media marketing teams to generate content for owned channel, while also negotiating efficient rates for usage across paid social.

We get tongues wagging too. We have fantastic relationships with agents and celebs, meaning we can get media-worthy social media posts that will complement our PR agency work.


The Dream ROI (return on influencer, of course!)

It’s important to report on the impact of our influencer marketing services, and we can flex to suit your business’ needs. Whether you’re about reach, impressions and engagement or look to CPM, CTR and affiliate revenue, we can tweak our influencer campaigns to suit YOU.

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