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Facebook Advertising & Paid-For Channels

Paid for – the bad boy of pr turned good!

As online media and social networks continue to grow in importance and influence, so the world of online media buying has been transformed.

Once considered unmentionable among Social Media purists and PR practitioners, ‘Paid-For’ is today a crucial part of the very best amplification campaigns.

And our seven-strong Social Media team lives and breathes Paid-For techniques – producing results that continuously exceed all KPIs.

Because, like Search, Social Media Advertising is an integral part of the most successful Content Marketing cocktails.

Facebook and Twitter ads and promoted posts appearing on your news feed are now the norm, not an intrusion.

The phenomenon of purely organic, commercially branded ‘viral video’ is, despite the legend, largely a myth. Most branded content has been given a kick-start by paid-for distribution or advertising on YouTube and other video sharing channels.

Content Distribution Networks now offer a unique opportunity to target specific audiences with personally relevant content.

And you can add online display advertising, affiliate marketing and PPC to the mix for even more dramatically improved results.

Understanding how to leverage them all is crucial. And Brazen are experts.

Equally important is knowing how to analyse results and adapt your strategy in real time to achieve maximum ROI.  We’re sophisticated in our techniques – measuring hard metrics to ensure we deliver value for money and smash all previous KPIs.

Whatever the approach, as a PR & Content Marketing agency who’s been around for some 17 years, Brazen has a proven track-record in effectively integrating all these channels into award-winning campaigns.


  • Advertorials
  • Audience Planning
  • Display Advertising
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Adwords
  • Media Planning & Buying
  • Native Advertising
  • Optimisation
  • Paid Takeovers
  • Paid Social (Facebook ads, Twitter ads, Instagram ads, Linkedin Advertising, Pinterest ads, Snapchat Ads, YouTube ads)
  • PPC and Biddable Media
  • Retargeting