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We make headlines. Day in, day out.

Brazen Newsroom is staffed by a highly experienced, dynamic, and nimble team of former fleet street journalists and news agency reporters, who create, craft, produce and sell in stories and associated assets. And this doesn’t stop with generating headlines; as well as creating news stories and content, we also doggedly Ride and Drive the news agenda to accelerate even more client results.

But news isn’t just about grabbing headlines anymore; adding news generation to the mix makes campaigns work harder and, on average, boosts ROI by three times.

That’s why the Brazen way is focused on creating coverage, clicks and conversations with commercial impact. So, if you’re looking for backlinks to your website and improved SEO, you’ve come to the right place. Our surround sound Newsroom services include headline-grabbing video, photography, digital assets, infographics, and SEO-driving backlinks campaigns.

And if it’s broadcast coverage you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered, too. We’ll turn our stories into soundbites that spark conversations and secure a day of back-to-back TV and radio interviews using either one of your spokespeople or a third-party spokesperson.



We have various newsroom packages, all designed to get your brand into the headlines. There’s something for everyone, whatever your budget.


One off news release writing and sell-in
Bespoke news copy designed from the ground up to win headlines with media
Drafted by our expert Brazen Newsroom and sold-in to media



Operating just like a national Newsroom, the team scours every paper, news channel and social platform every morning, so by 8am we’ve got a fully comprehensive view of the news agenda for the day and the top trending topics. If you’ve got the ability to quickly sign off, we can interject your brand into those conversations within an hour.
• Always on press office
• 4 national/regional/consumer news stories outputs per month. Guaranteed hits (KPIs determined per client)
• Minimum contract of 3 months
• Includes brainstorms, daily monitoring of news agenda, reactive content suggested, news story drafting and sell-in


Here’s where we drive the media agenda with data-led stories based on what your brand wants to talk about. Using third-party surveys and quick snap polls to your sales data, web searches and Google Trends, we turn numbers into stories with talkability at their heart.
• 3-month pro-active plan.
• Full assessment and news plan creation, including brainstorm, news story drafting and sell-in
• Guaranteed 12 outputs over campaign period. Guaranteed hits (KPIs determined per client)

TALKING HEADS (scalable)

Brazen’s Newsroom is adept at quickly turning business leaders into talking heads for the media, crafting insightful commentary that cuts through the noise and turns industry expertise into media-friendly soundbites.

From crafting and pitching pundit sheets offering clients up for interview, to directly issuing newsworthy comments on the back breaking stories, we know how to position clients as experts in their field and raise their profiles.


Working with our in-house production team Brazen Live, we can design, script, produce and supply media-ready news video as well as social edits among a range of video services



Images have never been more important for media. Our Brazen Live team includes a full media photography service guaranteed to add that crucial visual content to your news story



Working with our broadcast partners we can get your message heard by millions across top-rated radio stations throughout the UK. We’ll work with you to design an entire radio campaign, shaped from the ground up to meet your budget and get your message heard by every audience with messaging you control


We can produce a range of associated graphical content to illustrate and support your news outreach, including:
Animated graphics

  • News photography
  • Infographics
  • Video
  • Tools & microsites



Need your campaign to win backlinks to your website or specific content on-site? Brazen Newsroom is expert at producing news stories specifically designed to drive quality backlinks to your website as well as to specific products.