A woman’s perspective on international woman’s day

Can we talk International Women’s Day for a second? I don’t know if this is slightly (more than slightly?) controversial, but I genuinely don’t feel defined by my sex.


Clearly I know I am a woman (don’t worry, I’m not one of those who insists on an ‘other’ box in the gender question of forms – my impressive rack gives it away), but I really don’t feel my gender should play a part in whether or not I’m a good person, successful, can cook or park a car. Nor do I judge other people based on their gender. Of course I’m inspired by strong and powerful women, but equally I’m inspired by strong and powerful men, too.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally grateful for all the women who fought to give me the opportunities I now have and absolutely let’s have a day to celebrate them, but I honestly think times should have moved on by now that we shouldn’t have to celebrate achievements because we are women.


Yes, I think I’m pretty awesome. I’ve forged a pretty successful career for myself while raising a pretty brilliant human all by myself (for the most part). But I don’t think I’m awesome because I’m a woman. I’m just an awesome person who happens to be a woman. Does that make sense?

Sorry for the Friday musings… just my take on #InternationalWomensDay



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