How to achieve links in media coverage to support SEO

We recently attended the CIPD’s The Impact of PR on SEO workshop at Manchester Metropolitan University to hear and share the latest tips to stay ahead of the ever-changing digital media landscape. Incorporating these tactics into our PR strategies will not only boost brand awareness but also make sure there is an SEO benefit too.

The SEO benefits of a good campaign aren’t a revelation and securing links in media coverage isn’t new, although how we go about it, from planning to implanting a campaign is changing, all because securing links with the media is becoming more difficult.

But securing backlinks isn’t impossible, the media have just become more savvy to their value and so have become less generous. Often media will only share a link to content on another website when it is “editorially justified”. The BBC actually publish its editorial linking guidelines online, have a browse of them.

In order to secure a link, the page must be balanced, add to the story as source material, a piece of background information or further piece of reading. It should also be free to access, accurate and regularly updated.

No surprises then that it is all down to the content as to whether you’ll secure that all important back link. Whether it is a big creative idea or an informative piece of research, make sure it is hosted on your website, looks good and displayed prominently on the homepage.

There are no shortcuts when creating engaging content. Don’t risk the reputation of the brand or your media relationships as a PR to boost substandard spammy bits of content that are not relevant or that do not add to the story.

There are some simple steps to creating that killer piece of content which will secure a serious amount of links. Try thinking like a publisher, would you link to the content if you wrote the article, is it necessary? What is it that you want your page to rank for, and what is your priority? Also consider how quickly can you create the content as reactive stories and content with quick turnaround times can have some of the best results.

Create quality content that the media loves and that is actually useful. Create a genuinely valuable asset, it doesn’t have to be a static piece of content, and it can be something that is interactive or interesting. Make it worthwhile to visit so whoever is reading about it on a news website or via social media heads to your website and tries it for themselves.

A great example of this is Zoopla’s £1 million calculator – all you have to do Is put in your postcode and it tells you when your home will be worth £1 million. Simple!

This content passes the previously mentioned test and meets the golden rules, it is interactive and adds to the story.

So when thinking about how to secure high value editorial links with your on-site content, make it topical, think the latest trends, and the topics that just won’t go away, for example; GDPR, the royal wedding, and this summer’s World Cup.

As PR practitioners, we are some of the best placed people to advise on storytelling and engaging content, and also to implement these types of strategies. Using our Brazen creativity, in-house content and video team and established PR skills we can help you achieve the media links you’re looking for.

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