Brazen weekly digital prescription – 14 May 2010

Searching for the World Wide Web’s hottest trends, keenest insight and most cunning digital PR and social media campaigns, here is your weekly Digital Prescription:


When it comes to crowd-sourcing, the Live Every Litre campaign by Honda is top of its game. Honda say; ‘We wanted this to be a co-created, crowd-sourced, multilingual documentary – the first of its kind. And we wanted the stars of the film to be real people. So we asked the whole of Europe to get involved and share their dream journeys with us.’ This campaign has everything, use it as a benchmark.


OK…so it’s a fake. But that’s not the point – it’s the brand synergy that counts. So how do you demonstrate your water-proof trainers? By making them walk on water of course. And how do you promote this to your audience? With an ENTERTAINING viral of course…


So how does Chile prepare for the World Cup? By creating the country’s first footballing saint of course – Marcelo Bielsa. And what better way to honour him by asking citizens to light 100,000 virtual candles and create a miracle! Perhaps England should do the same by asking fans to take 100,000 virtual penalties?


So what’s the next big thing in experiential marketing? Projection mapping is hot on the agenda and this example by Sony for AC/DC’s partnership with Iron Man is superb. You’ll never look at Rochester Castle in the same light ever again…literally!

AND FINALLY…Berghs School of Communication

Don’t tell Ashton! That’s what students from Berghs School of Communication are saying in this innovative piece of live Twitter artwork. Move over Mona Lisa, the Twitter community are the stars now!

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