Brazen weekly digital prescription – 23 april 2010

Searching for the World Wide Web’s hottest trends, keenest insight and most cunning digital PR and social media campaigns, here is your weekly Digital Prescription:


A final reminder that SAScon (Search, Analytics and Social Media Conference) is on next week – Wednesday 28 April at Manchester’s Bridgewater Hall. SAScon will be the UK’s leading Search Marketing conference and speakers will include many of the world’s experts in search engine optimization (SEO), analytics and social media marketing. Not to be missed…

INSIGHT – Facebook

First it was Bing and now Facebook has revealed its plans to take on the might that is Google. Announced by the company’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg, at its developer conference, Facebook firmly believes that the internet’s future lies in friendship and online identity – an area which the social network feels it owns. Expect to see a lot of changes as the Facebook platform gets rolled out across the online realm.


Pop-up shops, exhibitions, restaurants and now cafes are all the rage and Tefal’s ‘Greaseless Spoon’ is no exception. Complimenting an excellent news generating stunt with social media, Tefal are giving away food for free as long as customers book via their Facebook page. Let the mass syndication begin…


We’ve already touched on Facebook’s plans for digital domination and here’s a preview of exactly what they mean with Levi’s attempting to make shopping more social, more personal and more fun.


With patriotism running at an all time high due to the election and forthcoming St George’s Day, Spitfire Ale has released their version of ‘The Bottle of Britain’. Playing to the brand’s strengths, their intro video sees Britain’s Spitfire aces halt the advancement of Hitler’s ‘German Aryan beer’.

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