Bridget Jones: the new Eastenders

In the past few weeks, fans across the world have taken to social media to voice their absolute horror that Helen Fielding, the creator of much-loved character Bridget Jones, has killed off Mark Darcy in the next instalment Bridget Jones’ Diary.

OK, I might be a literature graduate with a hatred of poor punctuation and a snobby attitude to Dan Brown books, but Bridget, with her love of cigarettes, alcohol and very large pants captured the hearts of everyone, whether you read the book or loved the film.

Bridget is now a widow as well as a single-mother of two. She also has a toy boy.

This got me to thinking…

I don’t think all these fans are mourning the loss of Mr. Darcy, Bridget’s perfect man (played beautifully by Colin Firth). I firmly believe we are mourning the loss of that happy ending every chick-lit promised us.

Although I am equally devastated by the departure of Mark Darcy (and Colin Firth’s lovely face), it is slightly refreshing that this book will hang on to the realism of Bridget and her tumultuous life that makes her such a loveable and believable character.

With so many films, TV shows and books opting for a clichéd ‘happy ending’, surely we would all be more depressed if Bridget skipped off into the sunset with Mr. Darcy, quite frankly, leaving us all behind.

And if that doesn’t persuade you, fear not. Author Helen Fielding has recently hinted that the love of Bridget’s life could come back from the dead…

This saga is turning into an episode of Eastenders.

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