Darling, pass me the cider

CIDER drinkers are revolting.

No, really. They are.

No sooner had Chancellor Alistair Darling announced he was upping tax on the popular student/wine bar/tramp tipple by 10% from Sunday than a Facebook group decrying the declaration had been established.

Nevermind the fact that he’d given the housing market a huge shot in the arm by cutting stamp duty on any home under £250,000.

Nevermind the fact that he’d announced plans to get the whole country online and announced super-fast broadband for 90% of homes by 2017, funded by a £6 annual tax on landline phones.

The Conservatives have vowed to scrap the tax if they win the next election. Bloody cider-drinking Tories. Whatever next – Pimms-quaffing trade unionists?

The pro-Cider Facebook group, Leave Our Cider Alone!, already has 180 (at time of posting) members despite Darling’s insistence that the change was designed to address a “long-standing anomaly.”

He should have gone one step further and banned the disgusting fizzy froth – and the drink they’re protesting about.


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