Digital Digest – 29 May

Top 3 Digital News this week


After successful integrations with Instagram & Snapchat earlier in 2018, GIF making platform GIPHY is going from strength to strength, teaming up with big brands such as Coca Cola, Red Bull, Malibu and Gucci to create branded GIF stickers that can be shared peer-to-peer across the platforms. It shows great promise for brands, not only due to Instagram Stories’ huge growth, but also due to over 69% of Americans recently admitting to that GIFs better communicate their emotions than words.

It doesn’t come without its pitfalls though, the content isn’t easily discoverable so users must know what they’re looking for, which is prompting brands such as Bud Light to pay against certain keywords to promote content. The feature is still in its infancy so we’re sure we’ll see much more branded content on these platforms in the near future.


Back in March, Facebook hinted that it was looking at ways to help brands connect with influencers to create authentic content, however new leaked screenshots have prompted Facebook to release more information about the service.

Housed within Facebook Business Manager, the tool allows brands to target relevant influencers on specifications such as gender, interests, education as well as more industry-specific parameters.

Whilst Facebook isn’t taking a cut of any payments during the testing period, it’s not something they’re ruling out long term. Facebook has also confirmed that influencers won’t be permitted to post content that they’ve not helped create, ensuring that any collaborations remain authentic to the end-user.

Whilst still in the testing period, we’re excited to see how this shapes the influencer marketing landscape!


Unless you’ve not checked your emails in a few months, we’re sure you’ve heard of GDPR & know what it’s all about. Well it turns out that the big firms aren’t playing it fair when it comes to consent – Facebook & Google racked up $8.8bn of lawsuits on the first day of GDPR legislation being in place.

Android users are reportedly unable to use their devices unless they consent to their data being shared and users on Facebook-owned platforms Whatsapp, Instagram & Facebook are being given the option to either agree to share data or to delete their accounts. Whilst Google & Facebook are heavily denying any wrongdoing, we can see this one playing out for a while.


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