Digital Digest – 5 March

Top 3 Digital News this week


The state of social publishing has been discussed at great length – including in the news in this email bulletin – since Facebook announced algorithm changes that prioritise user posts over publisher/brand content and it seems we have our first casualty of the attention war – US lifestyle site LittleThings. The news site went out of business last week claiming the changes caused a 75% decrease in organic reach and strangled clickthrough to site. Although sad news for the LittleThings team/audience, it’s a telling tale of what will happen if you put all your eggs in the Facebook basket..


In the conversation about live video, YouTube is often relegated below Facebook and Instagram but that hasn’t stopped Google from introducing new features that are sure to impress creators and viewers alike. The new features include immediate playback after the live stream has ended, live captions and location tagging. Although standard features, they vastly improve the live chat and live streaming service offered by YouTube. If you want to hear more about the opportunities with live video, then get in touch with our Brazen Live content team.


Finally, we have a not-so-new kid on the social block – VERO. Vero has been around since 2015 but is currently topping the App Store social charts as frustrations about Facebook’s newsfeed tinkering, Instagram’s lack of creator tools and Snapchat’s less-than-liked redesign continue. For me, the jury is still out on its ability to hold attention long-term as we haven’t seen a platform breakthrough with any real impact since Snapchat or Instagram. However, download numbers don’t lie and the platform is set to reach 3 million members this week, so we will be keeping a close eye on Vero at Brazen HQ.


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