Why E-Commerce Can Put a Smile On Your Face

Despite this week’s huge eBay hacking news, e-commerce isn’t all about bad news.

In fact, it can be quite the reverse.

That other e-commerce goliath, Amazon, has given us plenty of reasons to smile this week and not because of its latest reduced prices sale.

It is all down to the humble Amazon review.

As shopping continues to shift substantially from the high street to the laptop, tablet and smartphone, we’ve all become accustomed to leaving seller feedback and reviews of the products we purchase online.

In fact, if e-shopping has done nothing else – other than make it easier to spend our salary faster than ever – it has given us an unrivalled ability to measure the quality of products from what real people in the real world think of the latest LED TV, summer dress or football boot.

E-shopper reviews are now a crucial part of the online shopping experience. Hands up who doesn’t check buyer reviews before clicking the ‘buy’ button? Exactly, there are very few who are either naive or stupid enough not to double check before parting with their hard-earned are there?

But these reviews aren’t just an important, some may say under-rated, part of the 21st Century shopping experience. Sometimes, possibly more often than you realise, they are comedy gold.

There are some very, very funny people out there among the great unwashed and though Amazon reviews might not be the first place you’d look to inspire a belly-laugh on a wet Wednesday in Woking, you’d be daft not to give this little lot a spin in order to top up your lol-ometer.

Amazon has also realised that among the ranks of its mass customer base it has a few hilarious poets worthy of a highlighter pen.

And its put together a ‘best of’ the funniest reviews on its site.

Check this out and try and keep a straight face. We dare you.


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