My First 5 Months at Brazen PR

Just 10 months ago I was on a Graphic Design course at Oldham College, I didn’t think it was going to go anywhere, anytime soon. I assumed that I would carry on with my course for another two years, and hopefully go to university or get a job working somewhere in the industry.

This of course all changed when I got offered a one-week work experience placement through college, at Brazen.

I instantly fell in love with Brazen, everything from the people who work here to the brands they work with. From the get-go, it just seemed like such a fun company to work for!

Brazen specialises in all kinds of content, from; GIFs, animation, infographics, live broadcast to stop motion- the team are experts in creating content and how it lives across PR and social media. This was a great opportunity for me to learn from the experts, and take my knowledge to the next level.

When I finished my week-long placement, I remember thinking, that hopefully I’ll work full-time for a company like this one day- little did I know that this hope would in fact come true.

It had been roughly two months since my week at Brazen, I had just finished my first year at college and I was wondering what would be next… this is when Brazen got in touch with me and asked if I would like to come back and do another two weeks work experience, at the end of that two weeks, I must have impressed someone because I was asked if I would like to extend my work experience for another two weeks.

Four months passed at Brazen, where I have been mentored by Sarah (Creative Producer), who has taken me under her wing, and I have learnt so much.

Much to my delight, I’ve been offered the opportunity of a lifetime, to be Brazen’s first ever apprentice. Of course, I said yes- it was a no-brainer!

And now, five months and a Christmas party later, I feel like I am part of the Brazen family, so far it has been such a life-changing experience. I have met some amazing people, and worked on so many fantastic projects, all while learning valuable skills- I would just like to thank all of my colleagues for making the past year so great!

My top five tips for a new apprentice in the industry.

  1. You have to be enthusiastic. Enthusiasm is key, it shows you’re interested in the jobs you’re working on and that you’re willing to help on any project.
  2. You must be responsible. It was a big change going from college to a job, before you could come and go as you wanted, but working involves a lot more commitment.
  3. Try and be friendly with everyone in the office! I have a long way to go until I know everybody, but I try and talk to a different person every day, this really helps with growing your confidence.
  4. Go to as many team events as possible, getting to chat and socialise with the team when everyone is relaxed, really helps you to get to know people properly.
  5. Just enjoy yourself. If you enjoy the work you are creating it will show in the end product.


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