Since lockdown began we’ve become even more reliant on smartphones and social media to stay connected to loved ones (be they actual loved ones or celebs we enjoy to stalk!).


And while it might have seemed that we were already glued to our devices pre-lockdown, since the Covid-19 crisis the use of Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram has surged by 40 per cent.


This means that our screens have more of a part to play in keeping us entertained and informed than ever; and that all eyes are on social media influencers too.


From a marketers’ point of view, this means working with influencers makes perfect sense now. Especially as creating your own original content has become that bit more difficult during lockdown and will continue to be so with social distancing. BUT tread carefully; now is not the time to get pushy with the public.


Before you sign on the dotted line with an influencer or work up a campaign, ask yourself these five questions to check it makes sense in the current climate:


1. Is it genuine?

Does it make sense for the influencer to be doing this right now? Will it help to amuse or inform their audience and your customers? If it’s a big fat yes, and if even better it puts people and purpose before profit, then fabulous, you’re probably onto a winner already

2. Am I adapting the social media influencer’s tone of voice to suit me?

If the answer is yes, they’re not the match for you! Any social media influencer you work with should naturally slot into place and not need extensive tweaking in order to suit your brand. If you’re reimagining their content or expecting them to post your brief verbatim, then they’re not going to effectively represent you – and you’re not going to resonate with their fans

3. Is it appropriate?

Everyone is worried about everything from health to job security at the moment, so anything that could play into or generate further insecurities is a no-go now more than ever. For example, if you’re a health and wellness brand, it’s a bad idea to try and push weight loss products at present. But it’s a great idea to offer to tips on boosting mental health or ideas for easy workouts to undertake in a small living room. Basically, if it ain’t helpful, then leave it well alone!

4. If it’s an Instagram or Facebook Live piece, does it have a purpose?

There’s been a 70 per cent rise in the number of influencers posting live content on social media – that’s a lot of competition. So if you’re asking an Instagrammer to go live to simply chat down a camera lens about your brand, people will quickly switch off and head towards something more engaging. Anything live needs to have purpose, be it a fun tutorial, a Q&A or even a kitchen disco (thank you to Sophie Ellis Bextor for these every Friday night!)

5. Can I switch this on quickly?

Times are a changing super speedily at present so complex campaigns that need lots of products to be delivered, extensive briefing documents and planning calls etc. may well become redundant before they’ve even began. Ideas need translating into actual content ASAP for maximum relevancy and results


We’ve been working with social media influencers galore on everything from whipping up treats to support the NHS with Dr. Oetker Baking to creating simple guides on how to keep the kids busy with wilko.


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