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German discount supermarket chains Lidl and Aldi went head to head over a social media mishap

Who and When?

Influencer @lolzdonz tweeted her love for Aldi who responded by offering her vouchers publicly. However, they rescinded the offer over DM which she tweeted to her followers. Rival Lidl responded by joining in the conversation to offer her vouchers


The story caught the attention of the Twitter universe with Lidl’s response receiving over 2000 retweets and over 16,000 likes


This story shows the power of social media and influencers and the importance of transparency when engaging in the public domain. It also helps to keep an eye on the competition and be ready to swoop when they trip up!

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Stormzy launched a scholarship to assist two black students in going to Cambridge University, after it was revealed they have failed to admit any black pupils between 2012-2016

Who and When?

British rapper Stormzy announced he was setting up the two scholarships after a visit to his old high school on A-level results day


The story took the media by storm, appearing in major newspapers and on news websites including the Independent, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, the BBC, TheLADBible and more


Despite the negative backlash Cambridge University initially received, both the educational facility and Stormzy have received some great press for his charitable act and proves that influencers can make a real difference

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Orange Is The New Black, which recently returned for a sixth season on Netflix, received a unique mural in Cheese Puffs at Boxpark in London

Who and When?

The installation recreates the show’s cast in cheese puff form in the tribute to the inmates demands for Cheetos during the show’s prison riot in the previous season


The stunt hit viral news sites titles such as Buzzfeed and Pink News, and went down a storm across social channels with the show’s die-hard fans


An fun and eye catching stunt which showcased perfect brand relevance

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Deliveroo recreated one of the most iconic images of the 20th Century; lunch atop a skyscraper, 450ft high in central London

Who and When?

The food delivery service staged the ultimate dining experience to mark an increase in outdoor delivery orders


The story got blanket national coverage and the image was shared widely across social media


Recreating this instantly recognizable image gives the story a great shareabilty factor – just don’t look down!

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It all started as Dele Alli scored a goal against Newcastle and celebrated with a strange hand gesture, using his thumb and index finger around his eye. Overnight, the internet exploded with people trying to attempt the challenge, including celebrities like Jesse Lingard, Olly Murs, and David Beckham

News feeds were flooded with pictures– proving the powerful role social media can play in making trends go viral overnight

Have you tried it? Bet you have 😉

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This year Pride has been bigger and better than ever. From Britney Spears performing at Brighton Pride to a huge brush painting a rainbow walkway in Manchester, Britain has definitely shown it is proud to support equality.

Companies such as Costa and Wagamama have showed their support towards the LGBTQ+ community with rainbow printed cups and re-decorated store fronts.

Love is love

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This quieter holiday period often sees the term ‘’newsworthy’ take on an altogether more ludicrous definition.

It is a time when even the most frivolous of story ideas can generate widespread coverage..

Animal stories are an integral part of silly season and this year didn’t disappoint, with everything from hitchhiking terrapins catching a ride on a hippo, to a baby squirrel that was arrested for chasing a grown man. Silly, eh?


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Durex embarrassingly had to recall huge batches of condoms after they failed ‘burst pressure’ test

Who and When?

The world went into panic on the announcement, with countless news outlets covering the story to make potential customers aware of the recall


The story hit a range of national and online titles, as well as stirring mass hysteria and the creation of embarrassing memes across social media networks


The whole brand’s ethos is based on playing it safe and trust, and badly handled product recalls haven’t resulted in a happy ending for Durex

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