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Google becomes even more pro-mobile

Google has taken its algorithm mixing bowl out of the cupboard once again – and this time, mobile is back under the spotlight.

Google gave us a heads-up in March that they were preparing to to amplify the mobile-friendly algorithm this month – and it appears that the update has now fully rolled out.

The aim of this update is to turn up the volume on the boost in organic visibility that Google gives to mobile-friendly sites. As such, if you’ve already done the necessaries to ensure your site is mobile-optimised, you can sit pretty and hopefully enjoy better rankings and increased traffic.

Algorithmic updates work on a page-by-page basis, however, so it may still take some time for you to see the full effect on your overall website visibility, given the number of sites (and pages) that Google has to spider and index on the Web.

If you’re not already mobile-friendly, or if you just want to double check that you are, you can use the Google mobile-friendly tool, and also check Google’s mobile guidelines.

Where to from here? I’d still strongly recommend advancing your mobile-friendly site to a fully mobile responsive one, if this isn’t already the case. The reason for this is that having two versions of your site (i.e. a desktop version and a mobile version) makes for a disjointed user journey and may mean that you forget to update the content on your mobile site.

What’s more, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Google update their mobile algorithm further down the line to privilege the visibility of responsive sites first and foremost. There’s nothing quite like a pre-emptive approach to SEO when it comes to defending your site visibility!

Hint: Keeping an eye on Google and their guidelines is very important, especially if you are looking into Google Search advertising.

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