Gordon Brown: what difference would a media course have made?

So Gordon Brown thinks things may have been a little different had he reaped the benefits of a media studies course.

Yeah. Right.

Because that’s what they teach you in media studies isn’t it?

Lesson one: Never call a politically out-of-touch old lady a ‘bigot’ when you’ve got a microphone strapped to your lapel.

Lesson two: Develop a sense of humour well in advance of the day before you’re expecting the entire country to vote for you.

Imagine if Mr Brown had enjoyed the experience a media course would have given him.

He’d have still shouted at incompetent ministerial aides wouldn’t he? Media training doesn’t teach you what to do when you lose your temper at the sheer ineptitude of your underlings.

He’d have still called Gillian Duffy a “bigot” when he assumed he was back in the safety of his blacked out government limo. Media Studies doesn’t teach you NEVER to reveal your true feelings does it?

It teaches you the tricks of communication. How to use every available tool in the communications workshop to make your point heard and memorable.

Brown got the ‘memorable’ bit all by himself. His problem was his method of hammering it home. Gordon’s approach was tantamount to using a sledgehammer where a meat tenderiser was all that was required.

His true failing was revealing that, like the rest of us, he’s infallibly human. He swears, cusses, gets angry, argues, is irritated by morons and endures bad moods just like we all do.

Like all ailing superheros, it is that humanity which eventually becomes the fuel of their ultimate downfall.

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