Hails & Fails – April 12th 2024

We didn’t get the heatwave we wanted, but instead, we got these fire PR campaigns. That’s what we all really wanted, right? Enjoy! Quaker made breakfast the most beautiful part of the day, Jacquemus took to the streets of Paris, again, and Greggs got themselves on a breakfast show with some quick thinking. While Adidas lost fans with a fail unfortunately out of their control.


100 Reasons to Rise

Breakfast brand Quaker created a digital exhibition of “mornings that mattered” – capturing the importance of breakfast. 

Backed by research that for over 40% of us mornings are the most hopeful part of their day, ‘100 Reasons to Rise’ is a series of 100 photographs taken by acclaimed photographer Misan Harriman that capture small, intimate morning moments before a pivotal day in the person’s life.

Jess Redfearn – Midweight Creative: “Simple, emotional, human. Just a beautiful campaign. All possible thanks to the strength of the insight”

100 Reasons to Rise

Jacquemus makes a comeback

One year on from their viral FOOH (Fake Out of Home) campaign featuring their designer bags cruising the streets of Paris – fashion brand Jacquemus created the mobile handbag for real.

Posting a video on their Instagram with the caption “We did it for real! 1 year anniversary!”, the post has won heaps of headlines and deserved respect.

Hats and bags off to you, Jacquemus.

Jess Redfearn – Midweight Creative: “I find it refreshing to see a brand creating something real! I really hope we see more of this following this campaign. And, considering the current conversations surrounding the controversies of AI, it will be interesting to see how well this IRL activation does compared to last year’s AI activation”

Jacquemus makes a comeback

The Greggs Geezer

After 352 days of running the entire length of Africa, Russ Cook aka Hardest Geezer, was rewarded with the ultimate honor: a Greggs ‘Gold Collection’ box.

The 27-year-old from West Sussex who successfully ran the equivalent of more than a third of the Earth’s circumference (as you do), had said in a Good Morning Britain interview that the food he enjoyed straight off his plane home was a sausage roll.

Greggs knew what to do!

Lucy Jones – Junior Copywriter: “I love this cross over for how unexpected it is. Greggs working with an athlete? It really shows that if your brand aligns with the person, it doesn’t matter what industry they’re in! He’s just a hard geezer who missed sausage rolls and Greggs were there to reward him… in front of millions”

The Greggs Geezer


Adidas loses it’s cool

Adidas Sambas were this year’s coolest shoe… till Rishi Sunak wore a pair.

The prime minister was forced to apologise to fans of the trendy shoe this week, when he was spotted sporting them at a Downing Street interview.

The devoted Samba community (yep, the shoe is that popular) expressed their heartbreak on socials with many saying they’ll be selling theirs immediately.

Can Adidas recover?

Lucy Melling – Account Manager: “Did the Prime Minister just kill the hype of the off duty It Girl’s favourite trending shoe? Adidas Samba’s have been having their moment on and off social media since last year, but what no one had on their 2024 bingo card is for the shoe to also be one a wardrobe staple of Rishi Sunak’s! Will Adidas be able to Save the Samba? Or is it politically uncool now?

Adidas loses it’s cool

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