Hails & Fails – April 19th 2024

Well done to everyone who ran the Manchester marathon last weekend! We bet you’re hungry. Which is good timing because this week’s hails are all food giants serving up some delicious creativity. Enjoy!

Heinz made us want to party with a collab, Cheetos used a unique insight to win fame and McDonald’s turned heads and noses. While unfortunately for MP Liz Truss, the internet was laughing at her rather than with her.


It’s almost Barbie-cue season!

Barbie is turning 65 this year, so to celebrate, Heinz partnered with her creator Mattel to offer a limited-edition pink mayo Barbie-cue sauce!

Made with beetroot extract, the vegan sauce is bright pink (we probably didn’t need to type that) – inspired by the Barbie movie that was on everyone’s lips last year.

A deliciously simple idea marinated in pop culture and executed to perfection. Yum!

Charlotte Leigh – Account Director: “Simple yet effective, this fun NPD demonstrates the Barbie hype shows no sign of stopping. A great example of two brands joining forces in a way that doesn’t feel forced or shoehorned – cleverly leveraging the success of last year’s box-office hit to support the 65th birthday of brand Barbie. Love!”

It’s almost Barbie-cue season!

On the other hand…

99% of people eat Cheetos with their dominant hand. Surely an insight that some creative departments would skim right past…

But snack company Cheetos had some fun by bringing to life the potential consequences of this fact. From plastic surgeons botching their patients, to car crashes and artists doing a half-hearted job, the campaign pokes fun at customers who are so committed to snacking that they will continue to enjoy Cheetos in any situation.


Barnaby Kellaway – Account Director: “We love to see an interesting insight successfully translated across an entire campaign in quite such a literal way. Relatable, eye-catching, and entertaining – top marks!”

On the other hand…


McDonald’s released a series of billboards that smell of its French fries!

The billboards were completely blank, just red or yellow, but contained hidden compartments of fries that were heated by an internal ventilation system as soon as movement was detected within a five-metre radius.

Not many brands can build billboards that customers will recognise based solely on how they smell.

We’re loving it.

Tom Alderson – Account Manager: “This is proof that sometimes less is more, with the iconic smell of McDonald’s fries all that’s needed for a powerful OOO campaign.”



Upside Clown

Liz Truss failed to hold her new book the right side up on live TV this week in a fail that got the internet giggling.

Ms Truss, the shortest serving prime minister in British history, appeared on the box to promote her new book, ‘Ten Years to Save the West’.  

But as the MP chatted with the host, she failed not once, but twice, to hold her book the right way up.

“She did turn the UK economy upside down before she crashed it. It’s not surprising she does the same with her book”, said one X user.

Corey Kitchener – Corpsumer Director: “Lettuce Liz misses nigh on every mark during her media rounds this week – this is a case study in how not to market a political memoir.

Upside Clown

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